Fruity Friday at Bradbury House

Bradbury House Residential Home in Braintree, Essex, are continuously looking for new ways to enhance the well being of residents and how they can try new things.

The elderly can have problems with eating and drinking so it is important to try and increase appetites and interest in food and drink to maintain a balanced diet. At Bradbury House we find food tasting a great activity to keep the residents interested in food and also a way to entertain. The activity coordinator has recently started a Fruity Friday Morning. The residents and care team get a chance to try new fruits that they either haven’t tried before or experienced for a while. It gives them a chance to experience the taste, texture, colours and smells, stimulating all the senses.

By keeping the food portions small in a tasting it isn’t too daunting for them trying the flavours, and these fruity flavours are perfect as they are sweet and some are fairly strong so they are able to taste them, trying a mix of harder and softer textures so that all the residents can join in.

The residents and care team all enjoyed a chat surrounding the fruit such as where it is from? How it can be prepared? How it is used? How it tasted? This Friday was the turn of passion fruit which the residents found very bitter in taste. It is important to make food look and smell appealing by using different tastes, colours and smells which can stimulate someone’s appetite.


Bradbury House provides residential care in a 17th Century converted building for up to 20 elderly people.

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