Caring Homes celebrates excellence in Scotland

Team members from our seven Scottish care homes gathered together at Marchglen Care Centre in Fishcross, this month for the company’s Scottish Recognition Awards.

Colleagues, residents and relatives were asked to nominate across nine categories: Nurse of the Year, Senior Carer, Care & Support, Care Newcomer, Meaningful Activities, Nutrition/Eating Well, Management/Leadership, Specialist Adult Care and Support Services.

Scotland Regional Manager for Caring Homes Jackie Morrison said; “These awards give us the opportunity to celebrate excellence in Scotland and the high calibre of the homes and colleagues we have working here. Everyone who was nominated deserves a special mention, as do all of those who have put in 10,15, or 20 years’ service with us.”

We have seven high quality homes in Scotland, providing nursing, residential, specialist and dementia care for a wide range of residents.

After a large amount of nominations and a rigorous interview process the award winners were:

  • Nurse of the Year – Sarah Borthwick, Hawkhill House, Aberdeen
  • Care & Support – Jane Stewart, Marchglen Care Centre, Fishcross
  • Care Newcomer – Lissys Astroza, Hawkhill House, Aberdeen
  • Senior Carer – Donna Devlin, Scoonie House, Fife
  • Meaningful Activities – Jacqueline Zenteno, Hawkhill House, Aberdeen
  • Nutrition/Eating Well – Alistair Todd, Forth Bay, Kincardine
  • Management/Leadership – Fiona Day, Forth Bay, Kincardine
  • Specialist Adult Care – Willow House Team, Hillview Court
  • Support Services Achievement – Robert Ingles, Forth Bay, Kincardine

Caring Homes Managing Director Tracey Fletcher-Ray presented the recognition awards as well as long service awards for 10, 15 and 20 years. More than 30 long service presentations were made re-presenting more than 370 years of service by colleagues in Scotland.