Amate Animalia visit Wytham House

Wytham House in Farmoor, Oxfordshire recently hosted Amate Animalia, a charity based in the Cotswolds as part of their ‘Pets as Therapy’ encounter activity.

Amate Animalia rescue exotic mammals, reptiles and invertebrates that have been abandoned, neglected or just not looked after properly, and aim to teach people about the wonderful world of animals and their specialist needs.

The volunteer that arrived to show and talk about the animals was a young lady called Emmy. She was accompanied by her PAT trained working dog Mia as she is deaf.

Emmy enthralled the residents encouraging them to experience touching a skunk, an African Pygmy hedgehog, snakes and a chameleon. There was much to learn through Emmy’s interactive approach which encourages people to get up close and personal.  One of our residents Alan, said

“I can’t believe what we are seeing here today”

The ethos behind Amate Animalia is the belief that everyone “can learn so much about animals & other related topics such as biodiversity, evolution, environmental issues, habitats & fascinating adaptations that allow these truly amazing animals to live their unique lives!”

And we did.

Our residents really enjoyed getting up close and personal to the animals, meeting some really unusual amials they would never normally come into contact with, learning new facts and the tactile sensation of touching them.

Wytham House is a Caring Homes Group care home, part of the Oaken Holt Estate off Eynsham Road, providing specialist dementia care for up to 40 people.

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