A day of holiday highlights at Jubilee

 With the home’s Activities Coordinator, Ann, returning from a holiday in Mexico this week with a huge sombrero, the ‘Reminiscence Day’ conversation at Jubilee Nursing Home quickly turned to holidays everyone had taken both home and abroad.

The residents took turns reminiscing about their favourite holiday memories and funny travel tales. There were many miles racked up in the room, with holiday stories from Scotland to South Africa.

Pamela Moody said she had not been out of the UK but did go on holiday with her family to the Yorkshire Dales and Scotland. George Lynsley loved going to Scotland with his Mum and Dad and really enjoyed the journey in the car. Ann Musgrove spoke of her holidays to Bridlington with all the family and they all had a great time.

Perhaps the most unlikely of holiday destinations came from Lillian Borthwick, who remembered holidays spent in Aldershot.

Europe was a popular destination as Ted Huntley spoke of happy times spent in Italy where he enjoyed the hot weather and loved swimming in the sea. Bell Carter also visited Italy, along with France & Germany.

Heading further afield, Irene Mason visited New Zealand and had family living in South Africa whom she visited on a regular basis for holidays, whilst Esther Dawson enjoyed holidays in USA and Canada.

Although everyone had fond memories of foreign and shores, they all agreed that there is definitely ‘no place like home.’

Located in the attractive Thornhill Crescent Conservation Area in Sunderland, Jubilee is a fine purpose built home providing residential and specialist nursing care for up to 35 elderly residents.