National Care Home Open Day – Celebrating Art in Care

A lovely time was had by all on National Care Home Open Day when our homes opened their doors to bring our communities together.

This years theme was Celebrating Art in Care, and our homes had Art Exhibitions, Singers, Lawn Games, Cake Decorating, Afternoon teas and Garden Parties.

We are proud of our links in the community

Here are some of our memorable moments

More than National Care Home Open Day

It is estimated that there are 1 million people aged over 65 who are lonely and can often feel isolated. The arts can be an effective way to address loneliness by bringing communities together including inter-generational projects. Over recent years, there has been a growing understanding of the impact that taking part in the arts can have on health and wellbeing. The arts can improve the health of people who experience mental or physical health problems and engaging in the arts can promote prevention of disease and build wellbeing.

Art is about how it makes people feel and how it relates, and about creating connection between people. ‘Community’ isn’t necessarily geographic. Sometimes it’s about shared experiences or shared culture.

From research we know that art can:

  1. connect the past with the present
  2. bring people and communities together
  3. help us to see the other person’s point of view
  4. pass on heritage between generations
  5. be a gift we can all give and receive
  6. give us a strong sense of who we are
  7. help us to look back and reflect on life
  8. help us to recognise people as individuals.

According to Age Uk research, people with good social networks and good health are more likely to have good wellbeing. However, the importance of meaningful engagement with the world around them in later life whether through social, creative, physical activity, work or belonging to some form of community can significantly contribute to wellbeing.

The Baring Foundation has focused its efforts on arts for older people in particular and through their work found that the arts are effective at connecting isolated and lonely older people and they have good evidence that the arts have a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing of older people including those living with dementia.

The benefits of art in care include

  • increased confidence and self esteem.
  • particular arts can counterbalance low moral and anxiety after loos.
  • for people living with dementia, the arts can improve cognitive functioning , communication, self-esteem, enjoyment of life, mental and creative thinking.
  • particular arts such as dance, singing, and playing a musical instrument can improve physical health (cardiovascular, joint mobility and breathing).