Creepy Crawlies come to visit at Oaken Holt

The residents at Oaken Holt were delighted to welcome back some very creepy crawlies to their home this week. The lounge was full of residents who were all eagerly looking forward to meeting ZooLab’s collection of weird, wonderful and exotic animals that they brought in to show us.

Zoolab visit the home on a regular basis, so our residents and care team know very well there may be a few surprises in the animals they bring. This time, there were cockroaches, spiders, even bearded dragons, plus a few other creepy crawlies. Our residents were given an informative talk about all the animals, their habitats, feeding and life cycles. The residents enjoyed the day immensely and most wanted to touch them or hold the animals despite their unusual appearance.

One resident even commented “is it real?” about the snake she was holding.

Zoolab identifies itself as the UK’s number 1 animal handling experience, offering our residents the chance to hold a variety of animals and bringing people closer to nature and stimulating an interest in science, nature and learning.

Animal-assisted therapy is recognised as an occupational therapy within psychology and the sensation of being able to touch, reach out and hold an animal that some may never have seen close up can be very exciting. We know here at Oaken Holt, that in activity sessions such as these, the animals bring people together, stimulate conversation, help people to see things with a different perspective and help them cope in the most adverse situations.

Sherrie Hume, Home Manager said

“This is a great opportunity for our residents to experience something a little ‘different’ and we appreciate the ZooLab team coming to Oaken Holt and sharing their insights and animal expertise with us. Stimulation, mental wellbeing is very important to us here and handling a variety of creatures is a great, interesting and interactive sensory experience, and the differences in touch and feeling are a fantastic, tactile experience.”

At Oaken Holt, we are proud of our varied and diverse activities provision for residents, friends and guests of our home. We believe an active life is a happier and more fulfilling life and a key member of the care team is our full-time Activities Coordinator, who works with each resident to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in activities that have real meaning for them and to ensure they contribute to their physical and mental wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about life at Oaken Holt, contact us to find out more or why not pop in and visit as our doors are always open.  Please contact the home by calling 0808 223 5529 or emailing

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