The Different Types of Care Home

There are several types of care that homes can provide, each of which delivers a specific kind of support to meet individual needs.

In broad terms Care Homes can provide four different types of support:

  1. Residential Care
  2. Residential with Dementia Care
  3. Nursing Care
  4. Nursing with Dementia Care

Residential Care delivers care and support for elderly people who want to live in a care home environment with their peers and do not have any additional health needs requiring nursing support. This type of care is right for older people who are able to look after their own daily needs without assistance, but who may occasionally require assistance from a care support worker.

Residential with Dementia Care delivers residential care and support for elderly people who remain physically able, but who are also living with a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia with Lewy Bodies or vascular dementia. Increasingly, this form of care is provided in living environments that are specifically designed or adapted to meet the needs of people with dementia – with specially designed signage to aid orientation, memory boxes to identify individuals’ rooms, and open living areas for additional safety. Care staff in Residential with Dementia Care services have additional specialist training.

Nursing Care delivers care and support of a higher level for elderly people who require more intensive physical support on a daily basis. Nursing Care services have a higher proportion of fully qualified and highly trained nursing staff and dedicated nursing equipment, such as specialist beds and assisted bathrooms.

Nursing with Dementia Care delivers care and support of a higher level for elderly people who require more physical support and who are also living with a form of dementia. Again, this type of service has a higher proportion of qualified nursing staff, who will also have had specialist dementia training.

Several Types of Care at One Location

Many of our Care Homes provide a range of care types within dedicated services at one location. This helps to create a care pathway to meet individuals’ changing care needs within a single setting, providing peace of mind as residents know that they will not need to relocate to another care home should their care needs change in the future.

Palliative Care

Providing the very best support for an elderly person and their loved ones during their last days is something Caring Homes takes immensely seriously. Every single one of our homes is adopting the ‘Gold Standards Framework’ for end of life care, which is widely regarded as the very best form of practice.

Developed by the Specialist Palliative Care Team at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool, the Gold Standards Framework is designed to provide the very highest level of nursing expertise during a person’s last days and to enable them to remain in their care home setting rather than having to relocate to hospital or a hospice. By bringing together dedicated health professionals from all fields, from physical support, to psychological care, the pathway provides a range of expertise to ensure that each individual receives the very best support in a more familiar and comfortable environment. This support extends to family members and loved ones, helping them too during this time.

Continuing Care

Our care homes are ideally equipped to provide residential or nursing support for elderly people who have been assessed as requiring Continuing Care by their Primary Care Trust (PCT). The specialist and ongoing training given to our multidisciplinary staff team ensures they are well placed to meet the additional care needs of an elderly person requiring continuing care.

In addition, our Home Managers have a wealth of experience in understanding and assessing individuals’ care needs and as such are well placed to provide advice to families who believe that their relative may qualify for Continuing Care.

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